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#3 - 8th April 2020 (UK Shed Show)

This show features International Shed as well as UK Sheds and Shedders

Listen 'Live' every Wednesday from 10am and repeated on Saturdays at 2pm  -  (96.6 FM local to Frome)

Always follow Government and NHS instructions (Click on the links)

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Watch the video "Shed Happens in Hawaii"

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In the virtual studio Dan Gmaj and Kate Gordon.

We had pre-recorded features from

Graham Storer – the Whitby Shed Leader & Ambassador

David Helmers – the Australian Men's Sheds Association – Executive Officer

Hörður Sturluson from the Red Cross in Iceland and the Iceland Shed

Michael J. Trojan President of the Honolulu Mens Shed

Doug Mackie from Men's shed Canada

Eva Munstermann – a German TV Journalist

Shannon Downey from Groundwork NI (Men's Sheds in Northern Ireland)

Music Tracks

The Coolum Shed Song (Queensland)

Phil Smith from Tunesmithy Studios in Yorkshire, with the Whitby Shed Song.

'Dizzi Jig' by dizzidulcimer

Interviews with Shedders world-wide Interviews with Shedders world-wide
Shed Happens Intro 003.mp3